Master Diritti Umani, Migrazioni, Sviluppo


Anno Accademico 2015/2016

Prof. Massimo Toschi

Cooperazione, Sviluppo Umano, Progettazione Internazionale

Massimo Toschi is a European citizen with Italian Nationality (born in Ravenna). He received a BA in International Relations from the University of Bologna, Italy; a post-graduate diploma in International Trade and Marketing from the Italian Foreign Trade Commission (ICE); attended specialized courses in Human Rights Law at Sussex University in Brighton, United Kingdom (Erasmus scholarship); and at the European University Institute in Fiesole, Florence. In 1995, Massimo started his professional career in the European Human Rights NGO sector in Brussels. First with the European Forum for Child Welfare (1995-1997) advocating children’s rights with the European Institutions and contributing to the creation of the Daphne Programme to fight violence against children. Then as European Liaison Officer of the Italian help line for children "Telefono Azzurro", he created the European Liaison Office; coordinated projects to fight sexual exploitation and abuse of children and lobbied for the creation of a European Ombudsperson for children (1997-1999). During those years he published two books and several articles on children`s rights. In 1999, Massimo joined the European Human Rights Foundation and contributed to the management of the European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights - an experience that took him to the field, supervising projects in Mongolia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia - as deep as Siberia (1999-2001). In 2001, he joined the European Commission, EuropeAid involved with the management of the Asia-Link Program. ImmagineIn 2002, fulfilling one of his childhood dreams, he joined the United Nations Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, contributing to make a difference in the lives of children in the most difficult situations (2002-2005). For a period, he served the Sustainable Development Division of the Department of Economical and Social Affairs (2005). In 2006, he moved to the field as Child Protection Advisor for the UN PeaceKeeping Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) (2006-2009) dealing with the rehabilitation of children involved in armed violence, children victim of sexual abuses and trafficking. Luckily he leaved Haiti right before the earthquake of January 2010 in which 26 dear colleagues and friends passed away. In 2009, he moved to Vienna to join the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights contributing to the cooperation with civil society (Fundamental Rights Platform) and National Human Rights Bodies, as well as to the Agency’s work on the rights of the child, Roma, racism and sport, and violence against women. He loves immensely his activity as guest lecturer on human rights and international organizations in various universities both in the USA and in Europe, and gave presentation in most important international conferences in the area of human rights. Massimo published several articles and books on children's rights, and children and armed conflict ("Kalami goes to war: child soldiers"; "Children in the drug traffic of Rio de Janeiro"; "New Tools for the Protection of Children in Europe: a Comparison of Ombudspersons for Children"; "International Chronology of the Legal Evolution of Children's Rights"). He has a passion for writing tales and poems. His poem "For whom the sirens toll" inspired by the terroristic attack against the UN in Iraq in 2003 led to production of a videopoem (awarded Honorable Mention at the Thunderbird International Film Festival) available on internet. He was the curator for the book ‘L'alpino dalle sette vite sul fronte russo' published by Gaspari Editore in 2011. Massimo is a member of the Aspen Institute Junior Fellows. He is married with one daughter, Beatrice. His dreams are to write a book about different cultures, create a family with many children, dance with his daughter at her graduation party, fly on some spacecraft in order to see the entire globe at once and, most of all, to make his contribution to build a better world.
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