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Anno Accademico 2014/2015

Prof. Edmundo Garcia

Diritti Fondamentali e Diritti dei Minori

Curriculum Vitae Prof. Edmundo Garcia
Born 3 February 1943, to the late Dr. Paulino J Garcia and Mrs. Rosalinda Guidote Garcia in Manila;
Married Teresita de Jesus in 1987, father to four boys and a girl.
Graduated Ateneo Grade School ‘54, Ateneo de Manila High School ‘58; finished two years of College at
the Ateneo de Manila University before entering the Sacred Heart Novitiate in 1960; finished MA
Philosophy at the Loyola House of Studies in 1965; studied theology in Colombia and Peru; left the Jesuits
in 1974, and resumed post graduate studies at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, doing
Estudios Latinoamericanos at the Department of Political and Social Sciences from 1974-78; pursued
advanced graduate peace studies at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University
in Sweden and at the Blindhern Campus of the University of Oslo and the Peace Research Institute (PRIO)
in Norway, 1988.
Taught at the Ateneo de Manila High School from 1966-68, where he helped to found the “Days with the
Lord”, the “Summer of Service”, and was moderator of the ACIL and the SCA.
Taught at the Political Science Department of the University of the Philippines from 1981 to 1994 and at
the International Studies Department of the Ateneo de Manila University from 1987 to the early nineties.
Human Rights and Peace Advocate:
Founding convenor of Amnesty International in the Philippines from 1984 to 1994; was a senior researcher
at the Latin American Department/International Secretariat of Amnesty International in London, UK, 1978-
Founding member of Lakasdiwa (1970), his writings during this period were compiled in Free My People:
Commitment to Liberation, Tambuli Press, 1971; Kaakbay (1982), the Coalition for Peace (1986), the
Multisectoral Peace Advocates (1990), the Gaston Z Ortigas Peace Institute (1989), the National Peace
Conference (1990); member of the board of trustees, the Ecumenical Center for Displaced Families and
Communities (ECDFC).
Constitutional Commision Member:
Helped to draft the Philippine Constitution, 1987, as a member of the 1986 Constitutional Commission.
Author and Writer:
Wrote the three-volume Filipino Quest Trilogy (Claretian Publications, 1988-89); A Distant Peace
(Claretian Publication,1990); Dawn Over Darkness (Claretian Publications, 1989); Participative
Approaches to Peacemaking in the Philippines, (United Nations University, 1993); and Journey of Hope,
(Claretian Publications, 1994);
Edited a Human Rights Reader, (National Bookstore, 1990); Pilgrim Voices, (Claretian Publications,
1994); War and Peacemaking, (Claretian Publications, 1994); Remembering Rosalinda, 2003.
Co-edited Waging Peace in the Philippines, (Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1989); Waging Peace in
the Philippines, Looking Back, Moving Forward, GZO-PI, 2003; Basic Peace Agenda, GZO-PI, 1990;
Back to the Barracks, National Institute of Policy Studies,1991; People’s Right to Participate in
Governance, (Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1993); Waging Peace in the Phiippines: Facilitating
Processes, Consolidating Constituencies GZO-PI, 2005).
Monographs: Reflections on the Peace Process, UPCIDS, 1994; Accompanying Peace Advocates in
Burundi, 2004; Accompanying Peace Advocates in Colombia, 2004; Accompanying Peace Advocates in
the Philippines, 2005,
Building Justpeace: Beyond the Global War on Terror, 2002, which includes “Reflections of a Filipino as
Peacemaker,” presentation at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, London, United
Kingdom, 2000, “Serving the Cause of Peace in Areas of Armed Conflict,” Ateneo Alumni Guidon,
October 1997, “Journey of a Filipino as a Peacemaker,” Intersect, ICSI, June 1999 and “Citizens Initiatives
for Peaceful Change: Reflections on the Filipino Experience,” Uppsala University, Sweden, April 2001;
Helped to draft the Code of Conduct on Conflict Transformation Work - a contribution to set professional
standards in the work aimed to address violent conflicts (International Alert, 1998).
Alert-Asia Comparative Learning on Peace Practice, International Alert 20th Anniversary Year, 2006.
Consolidating Peace. Nepali Constitution-Making from a Filipino Peace Practitioner’s Perspective, 2008.
Contributions to Books:
Contributed a section on Jose W. Diokno, “A Man of Uncommon Valor,” in Six Modern Heroes, published
by Anvil Publishing, 1993.
Contributed a section entitled, “Empowering People to Build a Just Peace in the Asian Arena,” in the
publication, Searching for Peace in Asia Pacific: An Overview of Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding
Activities, published by Lynne Rienner 2004, in collaboration with the European Centre for Conflict
Prevention; and a section entitled, “Non Conventional Diplomacy: Selected Peace Processes from an NGO
Perspective,” published by Consortium on Early Warning Systems (CEWS), 1999.
“Addressing Social Change in Situations of Violent Conflict: A Practitioner’s Perspeactive,” in Social
Change and Conflict Transformation, Berghof Handbook Dialogue Series, 2006.
Peaceworker with International Alert:
Currently serves as Senior Policy Advisor, International Alert, a nongovernmental organisation working for
the peaceful resolution of conflicts worldwide since 1994.
Asia: He works principally in Asia where he supports the local peace advocates and the facilitation of peace
processes in the Philippines;
Sri Lanka: he has conducted workshops and contributed to work from 1993 in Sri Lanka, “Programme of
Workshops on Peace Processes – Sri Lankan Parliamentarians,” 1997 Report;
Fiji: “Civic Challenges in Sustaining Democratic Gains: An International Perspective,” presentation before
the Citizens Constitutional Forum in Suva, Fiji, August 1997.
Indonesia: “Working with Conflict: Indonesia Workshop,” with participants from regions of conflict in
Aceh, Ambon, West Kalimantan, Irian Jaya/Papua, Jakarta and Yogyakarta; as well as network of
peaceworkers, held in Yogyakarta and the Universitas Gadya Mada, Indonesia, November 1999; with
follow up consultations on East Timor held in Jakarta and Manila.
East Timor: “Report on the International Symposium for Peaceful Settlement in East Timor,” Asia-Pacific
Coalition on East Timor, held in Bangkok, Thailand, March 1998.
Nepal: participated in Alert peace missions and workshop for peace facilitators in 2003; conducted
consultations relevant to constitution making and published, “Consolidating Peace. Nepali Constitution
Making: A Filipino Peace Practitioner’s Perspective,” 2008.
Asia Pacific Research Association: facilitated the workshops of the Asian Pacific Research Association
(APPRA) in 2002 (Tagaytay, Philippines) and (Siem Reap, Cambodia) 2003;
Africa. He has worked in Sierra Leone (Report entitled, “A Time for Hope and Transfomation,” Alert,
1997), South Africa (“Mission to Evluate the National Peace Accord and its Peace Structures,” National
Peace Secretariat, South Africa and Alert, May 1994), Kenya (“Limuru Declaration, Imperative of the
Hour,” network of nongovernmental organizations engaged in peace efforts in 1995, later Peacenet), Sudan
(“Mission Reports,” in collaboration with the UNDP and Dimarsi, Khartoum, Sudan, 1995/96), Rwanda
(“Parliamentarians and Conflict Resolution: Role of Parliamentarians in Peacebuilding,” presented at the
regional conference on the role of parliamentarians in conflict prevention and resolution, Kigali, Rwanda,
February 1998); Nigeria (“Exploring Common Ground in Nigeria,” Peace Mission Reports to Northern
Nigeria 2000; and from 1999-2003 in Burundi (cf. Accompanying Peace Advocates in Burundi,). He has
facilitated workshops of peace advocates from both East and West Africa as well as sessions with the then
Organisation of African States (1994)
Latin America: He has worked in Colombia since 1994 and has compiled his reports and reflections in a
monograph entitled, “Accompanying Peace Advocates in Colombia”. He has also conducted a workshop
in Antigua, Guatemala, for Latin American Bishops in the CELAM (1996) as well as for peace advocates
from Latin America, the Melgar Workshop of 1995 – proceedings published by the Centro de Investigacion
y Educacion Popular.
Europe and Eurasia: He has worked in Russia (workshop reports, 1991 and in 1998 with
Georgia/Abkhasia participants), and Northern Ireland (“Bridging Memory and Hope: Reflections on
Reconciliation” in a monograph on reconciliation to be published by Democratic Dialogue in Belfast in
Middle East: Participated/facilitated a series of preliminary workshops with Israeli and Palestinian
academics and peace advocates convened by Pierre Sane, UNESCO Paris, France, Headquarters from
2002-2003; earlier, contributed to the Jerusalem workshop on human rights, peace and conflict resolution at
the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Themes: He has worked on the following themes in the field of conflict transformation:
1. Public participation in peace processes (confer, “Introduction”, Owning the Process, Public
Participation in Peace Processes, Conciliation Resources, 2003; also, “People’s Participation in Peace
Processes: Reflecting on Selected Experiences from Asia, Africa and Latin America,” presented at the
International Policy Dialogue on Development and Disarmament convened by the German Foundation for
International Development and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development at the
Gaestehaus Petersberg, Bonn, Germany, November 2000);
2. Accompaniment of local peace advocates (confer monograph series on Accompanying Peace Advocates
3. Zones of peace work (confer the article, “Building Zones of Peace in Situations of Armed Conflict:
Learning Lessons from Comparative Experiences,” in The Construction of Sanctuary: Local Zones of
Peace Amid Protracted Conflict”, co-published by Alert, ICAR and Redepaz in 2004).
4. Role of religious leaders building peace (confer “Religious Leaders Building Peace, Consultation
Report”, International Alert, 2004);
5. Setting professional standards for peace practitioners: (confer Alert’s Code of Conduct for Conflict
Transformation Work, 1998).

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